The history of the Castle

Castello di Montaldo, now a 4-star superior hotel with the largest wellness spa in Turin and province, among the most exclusive venues for weddings in all of Piedmont, is a fascinating complex whose history commenced over a thousand years ago. On this page is a brief summary of the most significant passages from its foundation to more recent times.
Historical details
In the municipality of Montaldo Torinese, Castello di Montaldo rose out of a long and complex construction history that can be broken up into four main phases:

XI-XV century
The castle, presumably founded between 1011 and 1038 under Landolfo Vescovo of Turin, was completed in approximately 1080 by the hand of his successors Pietro Guidone and Cuniberto. The layout, in medieval times, consisted of two L-shaped wings to which the first ramparts and and towers were annexed.

XVI–XVII century
The wing at midday was built and the transformation of the façades started being done.

XVIII century
Carlo Emanuele Ferrero had significant work done, transforming the castle into a sumptuous Villa as his main residence; it is this work that set the stage for the prevalent appearance of the current castle.

XIX century
The castle was given over to Jesuits, who made the final changes to the building, making the final touches to the current construction.

The Bernabite Fathers of the Royal College of Carlo Alberto di Moncalieri, users of the building as of 1861, sold the castle in 1987 to Società Castello di Montaldo.